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Feminist Witch Hunt Against Tim Hunt

Thanks to a feminist witch hunt, Sir Richard Timothy Hunt, FRS FMedSci FRSE, the British biochemist and molecular physiologist Nobel laureate was forced to resign his position as honorary professor at UCL.

This story provides further evidence that we truly live in a fascist state. Even Tim Hunt’s original comments were tainted by political correctness.

He first felt the need to state that he has a reputation as a ‘male chauvinist’, as if male scientists should feel the need to denigrate themselves before speaking honestly about women.

He then begins with ‘let me tell you about my trouble with girls’, indicating that he is speaking personally.

He went on, ‘you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you’. Given that everything we do is instrumental to reproduction, this is eminently reasonable. But again, he was being politically correct. He implied symmetry between men and women, but in a scientific laboratory where intelligence is rated over beauty, the women are more likely to be attracted to the men, than vice versa, relative to the world at large. Universities function as highly effective ‘marriage markets’ for female students and staff, as academia is a good source of intelligent and reliable men.

He continued with ‘when you criticise them, they cry’. Given the context, speaking as an invited speaker where his task was to engage with and entertain the audience, hyperbole is to be expected (science is dry and dull). Women are ultimately concerned about inter-personal matters, rather than the task at hand, so would be more sensitive to criticism, and it is common knowledge that women have a much higher propensity to cry than men (Frey et al. 1983).

He goes on, ‘I'm in favour of single-sex labs’; again, this is over-egalitarian, as there is no symmetry, women working for women works less effectively than any other combination. A lab with female bosses and female underlings involves forcing women, who are used to a fairly equitable and personal social network, into the inequitability and impersonality of a hierarchy.

A statement from UCL said that his resignation ‘is compatible with our commitment to gender equality.’ This concisely evidences the politically correct totalitarian state of academia in the West today. Firstly, the term ‘gender’ (as opposed to ‘sex’) implies that the significant dichotomy among people is socially constructed, rather than biological: this is not science, but politically-inspired nonsense. Secondly, things that are different are not equal: to assume equality is false, whilst attempting to enforce it is totalitarian.

UCL urged a Nobel laureate to resign for speaking honestly. This is an utter disgrace. That he had no visible support evidences the reality of academics today: fascists and cowards.


Frey, William H., et al. (1983). Crying behavior in the human adult, Integrative Psychiatry, 1(3), 94-98.