James D. Watson

19 October 2007‘Watson Recants’Jared Taylor
20 October 2007‘Screwing Jim’Fred Reed
21 October 2007‘James D. Watson--A Modern Galileo’Steve Sailer
24 October 2007‘James Watson's Ordeal’Kevin MacDonald
25 October 2007‘I Agree With Dr Watson’Idang Alibi
28 October 2007‘James D. Watson: Broken By The PC Inquisition, Betrayed By The Righteous Right’Steve Sailor
28 October 2007‘Mixed Support for Mixed-Up Nobel Race-Realism Retractor’Chris Brand
30 October 2007‘The Recantation of Dr. Watson’Pat Buchanan
31 October 2007‘James Watson Tells the Inconvenient Truth: Faces the Consequences’Jason Malloy
1 November 2007‘Outraged in October’John Derbyshire
18 November 2007‘Created Equal’William Saletan
18 November 2007‘Speaking the Unspeakable’John Derbyshire
27 November 2007‘Racy Questions, Continued’John Derbyshire
28 November 2007‘Watson Was That Again?’John Derbyshire
November 2008‘James Watson's most inconvenient truth: Race realism and the moralistic fallacy’ (full text)J. Philippe Rushton and Arthur R. Jensen

The most informative of the above are Malloy (2007) and Rushton and Jensen (2008).